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Homestead Management LLC is a locally owned and operated business based in Marietta, Georgia. We have been serving customers in Cobb and Paulding counties since 2009. Providing quality housing is more than just a business - it is our passion. From start to finish, we derive great pride in offering well-maintained, safe, affordable homes for families.

In our mobile society, more than ever families in transition are looking for places to live that are well-maintained and which represent a fair value for their money. We offer single-family homes and selective townhomes to fill this need.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the properties that we lease and the follow-up service that we provide. The big rental conglomerates cannot offer the personal service that we do because we live where we work.  We want our customers to know that they are welcome to stay with us for a year or a lifetime.


Homestead Management, LLC is owned and managed by devoted members of the Roman Catholic Church. We proudly dedicate a portion of our profits to support the efforts of the St. Paul Street Evangelization (SPSE) ministry. SPSE is a grassroots, non-profit organization whose primary goal is to “take the Gospel to the streets” and share the good news of Jesus Christ and his One True Church with the entire world. 


SPSE is a global ministry dedicated to engaging the culture by getting out among people as they go about their daily lives. SPSE volunteers can be found everywhere from college campuses to busy street intersections to state fairs. Like their namesake, the great St. Paul, SPSE volunteers know that it is paramount to meet people where they are.

The goals of SPSE are simple. First, SPSE volunteers offer a non-confrontational invitation to dialogue on the truth of Catholic Faith and its role in our collective salvation. Second, SPSE volunteers provide clear answers to common questions about the Catholic Faith and spirituality as well as to offer a large amount of printed information on related topics. All material is free of charge. Finally, SPSE volunteers offer prayers and reflections for the needs and concerns of those who stop by to visit. In short, SPSE plants the seeds and God takes it from there.


The heart of the entire program is a friendly, non-confrontational opportunity for fellow human beings to share the joy of the Gospel and the beauty of Christ's One True Church. SPSE volunteers make sure that all of those whom we engage understand that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is an invitation, not a demand. These dedicated volunteers work hard to reach out to the culture and make sure that all people know that they are invited to share the Good News!

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