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Welcome to Homestead Management! We are thankful for your business. To ensure that your home stays in the best condition, we request that our residents take a few steps to keep the household systems in proper working order. Please review the following items and complete them at your earliest convenience. We thank you in advance for your cooperation!


  • Replace the battery and test the operation of every smoke detector installed on the premises once per year. Smoke detectors are typically found on each living level and inside the garage, as applicable. The battery access door is located on the face of the detector unit, or inside the detector. If the access door is on the face of the detector, simply slide the access door outwards and replace the battery. If there is no battery access door on the face of the detector unit, rotate the detector body counter-clockwise and gently pull it downward.  The battery is located behind a small door on the detector body. With both types of detectors, once the battery is changed and the unit is remounted, test the smoke detector by simply pushing up on the TEST button in the center of the detector body.  A piercing sound should result, indicating proper smoke detector operation. 


  • Replace the air filter in the main HVAC unit every three months, as demonstrated on move-in day. The proper size air filter for your particular heater unit is listed on your HMLLC Contact Sheet.  Ensure that the black arrow on the edge of the new air filter points inward toward the heater unit. If you are unsure of the size of your air filter, please contact Homestead Management. 


  • Verify that the pointer on the pressure gauge of the Homestead-provided fire extinguisher is still indicating the green range indicating a full charge.


  • Ensure that any firewood stored on the property is not located inside the premises, but rather stored outside on an elevated rack away from exterior walls. This is imperative to ensure that no termite infestation occurs. 


  • Run the dishwasher through a normal cycle at least twice per month if the unit is not used on a regular basis.


  • Test all exterior lights periodically to ensure proper operation. Please advise the Homestead staff if any hard-to-reach floodlight bulbs are in need of replacement. We will be happy to assist.

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