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We partner with excellent service providers who assist us in locating and screening prospective renters for our homes. Our leasing team's goal is to make the application process as quick and easy as possible. Rest assured that all personal and financial information shared by prospective customers with Homestead Management and our leasing service providers is treated with the strictest confidentiality.

Our Leasing Consultant:

If you are interested in renting from Homestead, please contact Kellie our Leasing Consultant at 404-985-8063 or fill out our contact form and we will help you to begin the process.

Our Rental Application Screening Process:

Every person over age 18 must submit a separate application for the prospective property.  Homestead Management partners with RentPrep to conduct a professional screening of all rental applications. Our screening process includes a credit check, criminal background check, employment verification by validating bank deposits through Payscore, and a review of each applicant's previous rental history. 


A non-refundable fee for this service is required from each applicant.  The fee is paid directly to RentPrep and is due at the time that the rental application is submitted for consideration.  Applications cannot be processed until the processing fee for EACH applicant has been paid to RentPrep.  Once Homestead Management has completed its review of the screening results generated by RentPrep, prospective renters can expect a phone call from one of our representatives who will render the final decision on the applications submitted.   


Tips for Successfully Completing the Homestead Management Application Process


  • Download the rental application and complete it in full. Save the completed file on your computer. Make sure that the application is completed accurately and that your contact information includes a valid email address and correct phone number.  Partial or incomplete responses will result in a delay processing your application.

  • Email us at  and attach the completed rental application to your email.  Be sure to include copies of all of the supporting documents that are listed on the last page of the rental application:  

    • P​roof of US citizenship or Legal Residency (Passport, Birth Certificate, USCIS Permanent Resident Card, etc.)

    • Two copies of your most recent Proofs of Income from each source (example: pay stubs, pension, Social Security, alimony, etc.)

    • Copy of a government-issued ID such as a Driver's License or Military ID 

  • Respond as promptly as possible to the email sent to you from RentPrep.  It is possible that this initial email message may end up in your spam folder so please be on the lookout for it once you submit the rental application.  They will be seeking your express permission to process your application and will also explain how to pay their service fee.  Once these steps are complete, RentPrep will compile all of the information and forward it to Homestead Management for our review.      

  • Understand that any delay or failure to follow through on the above process may result in another party being offered the chance to rent the available property. Homestead Management accepts rental applications for our available properties on a daily basis, so it is important to fulfill all of the application requirements as soon as possible.

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