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1st day of each month


Check, Money Order or Bank Draft (cash is not accepted)

Homestead Management, LLC


Option #1:  Send check or money order via stamped U.S. Mail: 


Mailing Address:  Homestead Management, LLC

                                2500 Dallas Hwy SW

                                Suite 202, PMB #156

                                Marietta, Ga. 30064-7505


Option #2:  Authorize an automatic monthly Bank Draft from your financial institution:

Most banks and credit unions offer a “Bill Pay” type of service wherein their customers can set up automatic bank drafts for routine expenses such as rent, utilities, car payments and so forth.  Bank drafts can be set up to pay one-time expenses or for those that happen every month.  This process eliminates the hassle and cost of mailing or having to drop off paper checks or money orders in order to pay required bills.  These automated Bill Pay services are often free or available at a nominal charge.

Simply log on to your bank or credit union's website, locate the automatic payments tab, fill in the required fields, and decide what particular day of the month that you want your rent payment to be delivered to Homestead Management. The rent is due on the first (1st ) of each month but you may elect to have it delivered on the 30th or 31st , depending on your pay cycle. The bank or credit union will then honor your request and send the funds either in a paper check form or via electronic transfer to ensure that they arrive on the date that you chose.

Option #3:  Drop off rent payment at Homestead Management P.O. Box:


Rent payments (check or money order only) may be dropped off in person at the above address which is a mail and packaging store called “SOHO” located in the Publix Shopping Center at the corner of Dallas Highway and Barrett Parkway in Marietta.


Rent payment drop-offs in person can only be done during SOHO’s normal business hours. Enclose your rent payment in an envelope and write "Homestead Management, PMB #156" on the front side. The SOHO counter clerk will direct you to deposit your envelope into a locked metal box on the wall solely dedicated to rent payments. 


Do not place your envelope in the US Mail slot painted on the wall in the SOHO lobby. This slot is only for stamped US Mail being forwarded to the Marietta branch of the US Postal Service.  Also, if SOHO is closed, please do not shove rent payment envelopes under SOHO's front door, as the rent payment may not be properly credited to your account.


SOHO’s phone number is 770-590-8511. Their operating hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM; Saturday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Again, if SOHO is not open for business, then rent payments cannot be dropped off. 




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